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Our Leaders

Lead Pastor

Rob Krogh

Rob and Michelle were high school sweethearts who attended the same church in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. They now join forces and attempt to parent their three active teenage boys! Michelle teaches preschool in Murrysville, and Rob is a former educator. In 2021, Rob authored Journeys with Jerry a book unpacking the impact their youth pastor had on their lives. Rob has led worship in some capacity for over 25 years. He enjoys travel, running, music, songwriting, history, aviation, and sharing the practical implications of the Gospel in pursuit of a life well lived.



John Ansell and Ed Good

RCG is an elder led body of believers corresponding to what we understand to be a New Testament model of church leadership. Our elders act as lay pastors, providing care and spiritual direction for our people, and as overseers, providing ministry vision and theological vision for our church.

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